Monday, 18 May 2009

Jukebox Replica Computer Case Revisited.

I have finally come back to the old design I had in mind of building a media computer system in a custom case that looked like an old fashioned jukebox. I pulled out the old plans and reworked a few numbers here and there to see what needed improvement. I also picked up most of the lumber I needed to start building the unit.

I am taking on this project as a separate thing completely. RC Wood is actually not connected to this as a partnership project. However, if this winds up being a successful product, RC Wood may adopt the design for future duplication if there is any sort of demand for it. This is something I intend to pick away at all through the summer months when I am not busy building other projects.

I will most definitely post photos of my progress as I go along. I have no photos as of yet because I spent today mostly building some 'awesome' new sawhorses out of 2 by 4's (and I mean awesome).

Here is a picture of the cabinet I plan to design from. It's a Gabel and I really like the look of it.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Belated Updates

Well, we built the puppet theatre and it sold at auction for about $70.00, which isn't too bad considering the turnout for the event was only about half of the people that had come the year before. It still went to a good home and that's just fine with me. The event still raised about $500.00 overall.

I had mentioned a little while back that I was going to try to restore an old camper trailer and update the interior to give it a new life. Well, it didn't happen. Unfortunately, the more digging I did into the trailer's innards, the more problems I continued to find. After working out the numbers on what it was going to cost to fix it, it wasn't worth it. However, someone else picked it up off of me and is going to give it a go. I wish him good luck and hope he has a better go than I did. I was just glad to get my driveway back.

I have also pulled out my old plans for that computer cabinet that looks like a jukebox I had been working on a while back. I've decided to tackle that project throughout the summer and take my time with it. I want it to look as sharp as it possibly can. I'll keep the blog updated on the progress with that project.

Other than that, it's been a quiet month at 'RC'. A shameless plug I have is that I have opened a new blog site unrelated to this one called 'Alberta Found' which I hope will be a success. In all my travels in my professional career, I tend to find a lot of old buildings or cars and so forth and decided to start documenting them for the entertainment value. Most times, the lots I am working on have these old landmarks on them that will probably soon be demolished to make way for new things. So, check it out if you have time.