Thursday, 22 April 2010

Very Busy Again!

Chris and I have been busy plugging away at some more playhouses. We decided to make these units smaller, as I had mentioned in an earlier post. I suspect that they will be more popular in the new size. However, we will still keep the older model size available if any one wants a custom one.

I have also been working on refurbishing an old coffee table to make it match the telephone table I whipped together in the new year. The table was so successful that I decided to keep the momentum going. I'll try to post pictures when I have completed the project.

Other projects that are still on tap? Fireplace screens (more on that later), a digital media player (basically, still the plan of building a computer controlled music player), an arcade machine (still in the very early stages), a dollhouse design and even to continue to re purpose old furniture. Some of these projects are with Chris and some of them are personal affairs. Either way, I hope to see some successes this year.