Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Traditional Cub Car

There is a reason why I am showing you a picture of my dirty Dodge Magnum.

My oldest son recently came home from his Cub Scout meeting and announced that he needed to build a 'Cub Car'. For anyone not familiar with what this is, I'll explain it. The Scouts are given a box which contains everything you need to build a 'Cub Car'. The outside of the box is decorated with professional advertising, obviously remaining unchanged since the 1950's and inside this box are 4 wheels, 4 metal pins, an instruction manual and a block of pine. The block of pine is unfinished in almost every way except for two small grooves located where the wheels will go.

The trick is to make the block of wood look like a car.

There are certain regulations and proper measurements you must adhere to when designing your car or it can be disqualified. Other than that, your imagination is all you have holding you back. Here are some consecutive photos of the design process and the end result.

I smell a winner here.

Smaller, New and Improved!

Yes, you read that right! Chris has been working hard at building some new models of the playhouses we currently sell. These units are a tad bit smaller than the originals and we are finally rolling out some new designs. I hope to have some pictures online ASAP.

We are going to try and set up our first booth at the local school that my youngest son attends. The theme? Home Based Business Fair. We will be setting up a table, if everything goes on schedule, to showcase our talents to the public. It will be happening on March 25, 2010 and is in conjunction with the Lymburn elementary school on the west end of Edmonton.

It's going to be an exciting evening for us. Hope to see you there!