Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Installing a Desk Under an Existing Bunkbed

My oldest son had requested a desk for his room. Unfortunately, his room is not very big and that is even further hindered by his 'Loft' bed. What I had noticed about his bed was the potential to build underneath it. So, I decided to build a desk right into the bed frame itself, not only with the most minimal use of lumber, but to also utilize wasted space off the floor.

Basically, this project consisted of nothing more than a few cut pieces of 2X4's, a nice piece of laminated pine for the table surface and a couple of metal brackets to secure the whole thing together. The desk worked perfectly and my son couldn't have been happier. I even built him his own functioning computer out of parts I had in the garage. That's the one thing about computers, it's never too young to start teaching them about computers in this day and age. Just make sure you lock down the internet access like I did.

The Green Apple Playhouse

The Green Apple Playhouse was completed last week and the lady who bought it was very excited to receive it. It was a purchase for her year old granddaughter as a Christmas gift. She had nothing but amazing things to say about the unit and told me that I shouldn't give up on the concept. She thinks I could go far with it. I was just glad to have another satisfied customer.