Sunday, 15 March 2009

Better Late Than Never!

Wow! We have been very busy lately, which is typical for both Chris and myself. But as the title says, better late than never! We have had a few projects on the go as of lately. I have finally started renovating the interior of my old trailer to give it a much needed upgrade. The wiring was all bad (old aluminum) and some of the ceiling has suffered hidden rot. So it will take time. Chris and I have already started building a new privacy wall inside, not only to upgrade the original design, but to esthetically reinforce the ceiling. I'll post some pictures on here when the unit looks more presentable.

Old RV trailers weren't the only thing on the agenda. We have been busy building more pre-designed playhouses just in time for spring. And we are also working on our first, foldable puppet theatre stage which will get it's unveiling at a local charity function as the grand prize. We couldn't think of a better way to introduce ourselves to the public than to donate our first puppet theatre to a charity function (silent auction). We will make sure we keep everyone posted on how much money it helped raise and maybe some information about the children who win it if possible.

Everyone stay healthy and safe during these tough economic times. We know that they can't last forever!